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What You Have To Do – 9 Stages of Auto Enrolment

This is based on the number of employees you had as at April 2012 and your payroll reference.   The Pensions Regulator website has a great tool to help you.  All you need is your employer payroll reference.  If your business started after April 2012 you will stage later than businesses that were trading in April 2012.

You may also find that your staging date is sooner or later than you thought because of when staging dates were set.Click to find your staging date.  Companies who were bigger than 30 employees on 1 April 2012 were allocated dates according to employee numbers on that day.  Biggest down to smallest.   For businesses with under 30 people on 1 April 2012 or who came into being after this date then your staging date has been chosen according to your payroll reference number.  The short one with the slash – it’s on P60’s.

Who counts as a job holder ( the term used for workers who need to be included in your plans).   This may include contractors, overseas staff or those living in the UK and working overseas.  It will include directors who have a contract of employment, part time workers, those on zero hours contracts and all full time workers.
Are they eligible, non eligible or entitled. Their rights and your duties vary with the category. This is based on their ages and the amounts they earn.  As key birthdays are reached the employees category changes and so may your obligations.  As wages change, again their status changes.
Is it auto enrolment compliant. If not can it be extended so that it is? The main reason that pensions may not be compliant is if they require employees to do something to join.  Auto enrolment through contract may be an option for you.  The provider does not have to extend the pension to include everyone, it is their choice whether to or not.  Ask early, to ensure your find out in time to act, resource at pension providers is limited and will get worse.
You could use a current one- if its compliant with the rules or can be amended to comply.  Do not assume that the current pension provider will accept all staff – there is a strong chance that they won’t.  You may need an additional pension or a whole new one.  This can take time as you’ll want to make a careful choice
Let them know what’s going on and what it means to them. You’ll also have to give them the right information at the right time and record that you’ve done it.  Multiple channels of communication may be needed as you’ll have to prove that you’ve sent it to the right people at the right time. 
Capture their details, set up contributions, integrate this with payroll and your auto enrolment compliance processes.   Make sure you have given yourself enough time to enrol everyone in time for the initial auto enrolment staging business.  You also have to tell The Pensions Regulator  that you’ve staged and the pension(s) used.
You should be good to go.  You do have a window of 6 weeks to get everything in place and a further window for the contributions sent to where they need to be.
Job holders need to be assessed at every payroll and contributions adjusted accordingly.  The correct information also has to be given to staff as their status changes and as you get joiners and leavers.

Over and above all this you need to decide on qualifying earnings, budget for the staff and financial costs, discuss opt outs, consider using a waiting period or postponement period, safeguard all job holders check employment contracts, change them if need be. Oh and do all you usually do too.

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