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Done a little bit of research about auto enrolment and now have a few questions?

Nominated a contact for auto enrolment and want to know what happens next?

Got a letter about auto enrolment and not sure what to do or when?

Give us a shout and we’ll help with all of your questions. We’re fans of tea and cake so can pop over and chat face to face if you like. We’re based near Portsmouth which is quite close to an awful lot of places. Whether you’re in Dorchester, Swindon or London we can pop in and put your concerns to rest.

Some of your answers might be on the website but if not, just ask.


We’ve noted some of the most common questions and their answers below.  Please let us know what other questions you have so that we can add these too.

This is the start or go live date.  Everything must be ready to go and information issued to staff within 6 weeks of this date
This is based on the number of employees you had as at April 2012 and your payroll reference.   The Pensions Regulator website has a great tool to help you.  All you need is your employer payroll reference.  If your business started after April 2012 you will stage later than businesses that were trading in April 2012.  You’ll get a letter 18 months, 12 months and 3 months before the go live date for your business.

You may also find that your staging date is sooner or later than you thought because of when staging dates were set. 

 It’s pretty complex stuff affecting lots of bits of a business.  Even the most organised and responsive business will need time to get ready.  It can be done quickly and easily, its the choices and business integration that take the time.   For most it will take about three months., we can do faster, if you’d like us too. 
  You can’t.  The Pensions Regulator will find you.  With penalties from £50 per day for the smallest firm and £250 a day for 6-49 staff its expensive to get it wrong. 
 Oh yes they do, people on zero hours contracts too. 
Not really.  We have some great tips on how you can work the costs in to your three year plan.  The costs of using someone like us to help you will usually be cheaper that being late or non compliant for a week.