The Enrolment Professionals - softwareThinking of using payroll software to do auto enrolment?

Many payroll providers now offer auto enrolment as part of the package or as an add on. This works really well after you’ve gone live especially if you have a stable workforce and they are all aged 22 to state pension age and earn over £10,000 per annum. As you may know this constitutes your eligible workforce, the people that have to be enrolled into a qualifying pension. The payroll platforms also support Auto Enrolment (AE) after staging (go live date) very well.

We can look at the capabilities of your system and compare that to what needs to happen to find out the most economic way of looking after your auto enrolment.

Some payroll systems suggest that they do everything for you in terms of workplace pensions but they don’t.

Payroll software won’t recommend a pension based on your needs, it will just tell you who it synchronises best with. We research the best pension for you and give you due diligence to back this up.

Payroll software won’t look at the best pension contribution basis for you. We saved £1500 a month for one of our clients.

Payroll software won’t tell you if your employment contracts are up to date and compliant. We will and can supply appropriate clauses for your use.

Payroll software won’t talk to your staff or answer your questions. We will and we’ll explain what the reasons are for the files the payroll software is making.

When you ring us you’ll speak to a person, no call queuing, no automated “press button 1 for…”  Your time is precious, we help you spend it wisely.

Call us to chat about your payroll system capability. Buying a new module isn’t always the most cost effective solution


A quick chat with us will give you a time and cost estimate.