The Enrolment Professionals are here to help you deal with the inevitable consequences of the major changes to workplace pension regulations.

If your business directly employs one or more people you have to provide a workplace pension to all eligible staff.  This is true even if all of the employees are also directors, if the directors have employment contracts. The whole area of auto enrolment gets complex for two director firms.

We are here to clarify your responsibilities and help you meet them.  We will guide you through the auto enrolment maze and set out your options at every stage of the process.

The Enrolment Professionals do more than just get you compliant- we explain what is needed and why and go on to recommend changes to your existing processes to help you meet the new requirements going forward.

In particular we will:The Enrolment Professionals - tailored plan

  • Provide a tailored plan to meet the specifics of your business
  • Take on the admin through the nine stages of auto enrolment
  • Explain the process to your staff and inform them of their rights
  • Check if any existing pension is, or can be made, compliant
  • Help you to choose the right pension, we’ll set it up for you too.
  • Ensure you have all the resource you need to manage auto enrolment in the future

Co Ordination

By involving and co-ordinating all the areas of your business, such as finance, HR and payroll, The Enrolment Professionals can simplify the sometimes complex aspects of auto enrolment, saving you valuable time and controlling costs.


Simple. On time. Compliant.
Making The Complex Simple


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