The Enrolment Professionals - working togetherOur team at The Enrolment Professionals often work alongside other advisors, this includes accountants, financial advisors and HR consultants. This enables you to solve your customer’s headaches without the need to take time out of your day or invest in the knowledge needed to advise on auto enrolment.

The clients remain your clients, if any other questions arise we refer them straight back to you as their trusted adviser.

Your customers will think that your support is great when you refer them to us, a knowledgeable friendly service to set up and help them manage workplace pensions to suit their needs.



We look after auto enrolment, we do not offer payroll or any other accounting services. Your clients are your clients and we respect that. If you would like to speak to an accountant for whom we are managing their workplace pension work please ask and we’ll put you in touch.

Often we produce the assessment and pension contributions for payroll along with staff letters.   If you prefer to do this for your clients once set up, that’s fine with us.

Some accountants offer a single pension solution, we don’t think that is in the client’s best interests. NEST is great for some industries and some payroll profiles. Others suit Peoples Pension who have some flexibility but the investment strategy can be a bit rigid coming up to retirement. We also offer Trust Pensions who have taken the good bits from both NEST and Peoples Pension. A bit more complex in terms of more options but great for people wanting more tailored investment advice.

Having chatted to us your customers will understand pensions and the possibilities better. The worry in making choices is removed leaving them able to get on with their business under your guidance.

If you would like to write out to your clients explaining what auto enrolment is, we can help with letter templates. We also offer presentations on what to look for in a pension and efficient auto enrolment set up. Would your clients find this useful?   Many others have.

Call us on 01329 610005 or let us know when you’re free
and we can meet for a cuppa to run through ideas.


Financial Advisors

If you have an existing client base, many of them will be involved in auto enrolment as directors, business owners or staff.   As one of your clients they are interested in their future and having enough money for retirement. If you can help them with workplace pensions  you are increasing the strength of your trusted adviser status.

Directors who already have a personal pension with you can be accommodated within auto enrolment leaving your pension as it is.

We are an auto enrolment only advisor so don’t compete for protection, investment or mortgage business, this is your remit and any enquiries of this nature would be referred straight back to you.

Many other automatic enrolment advisors have in house financial advisers who will seek out other business with your client once they are connected. Prevent this by aligning with someone like us.

If you are looking for ways to build your client base, auto enrolment could be a good way. Its’s a current business headache, the market is fairly fragmented. Most mainstream pension providers are cherry picking who they’ll accept for AE. By pairing up with us we do all the legwork and you get the credit. For clients acceptable to mainstream providers you might like us to work alongside you to do the auto enrolment framework. For other clients, you might like us to source the pension too. Lets build your clientbase together.

Working together to solve more headaches for your clients
results in a win win situation for all concerned.