Helen Llewellyn - The Enrolment ProfessionalsOur background is in insurance and administration. Helen – the boss, has worked in insurance for 20 years. Here she found that clients like her straightforward explanations of insurance jargon and real life attitude. Helen’s other business, IRCM South Coast is an insurance brokerage with some 350 clients, most of whom work with us on the recommendation of a friend or business contact.  We also think that it’s important to have the right qualifications.  Helen is one of the few workplace pension advisers to have a specific qualification in auto enrolment from a professional body.

We like to help people. Whether that’s directly through the provision of our services or in putting you in touch with a trusted contact we’re building a community of people who are confident with money and finance. Each person has their own worries whether that is in terms of insurance or pensions. We specialise in tailor made auto enrolment for the small to medium businesses.

We have a variety of pensions available which we can set up and manage for you. If you’d like to manage your own pension admin that’s no problem, we’ll help you do that.

Auto enrolment and workplace pensions is an exercise in organisation and systems to ensure you have ticked off all the boxes of compliance. Its is our job to help you do this in the most efficient manner.

Pension set up can be a worrying time for your staff too, there are many confusing terms and few concrete answers. Knowing this we’re developing the concept of Finance Fairy who answers questions on all money and finance queries for our customers and staff. Pensions, savings, mortgages etc.

The Enrolment Professionals - community of people confident with moneyWe are working on building a community of people confident with money.  Our finance fairy service gives a triage treatment for financial services.  e.g. I have £50,000 to invest, would it be worth my while speaking to a financial adviser?  or What is an APR rate?  The Finance Fairy can help with any finance questions worrying your staff.

Helen has been known to sport a pair of fairy wings at networking events, so keep a look out…